Five Hilarious Moments From “Da Ali G Show”

“Da Ali G Show” was a British comedy starring Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen played multiple characters, from Bruno, to Borat. Today we are going down memory lane and revisiting 5 funny moments from the 2000's comedy show.

Five Funny Kitboga Moments

Kitboga is an America media personality. He rose to fame sometime in the late 2010's with his Twitch stream, where he jokingly leads on telephone scammers. The popular YouTube channel he runs has over 2 million subscribers. Full of gut wrenching hilarity, here are five funny Kitboga moments.

Five Comedians From The 2000s

The 2000s was a great mashup of different music genres, film introducing new technologies such as CGI, as well as many talented comedians taking the stage during this decade. Here are five comedians from the 2000s that we can't forget.

Five things only adults who were shy as children, understand.

Being shy as a child is, believe it or not, not that rare. On any playground around the world, you will find groups of children playing, or even fighting, together. On that same playground, you will see a handful of children sitting alone, watching on, or simply enjoying a book on their own. This listicle is for you, kid(s).

Five Funniest Moments From "Parks and Rec"

Parks and Recreation is an American political satire mockumentary sitcom television series created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur. The series aired on NBC from April 9, 2009, to February 24, 2015, for 125 episodes, over seven seasons. A special reunion episode aired on April 30, 2020. Here are five of the funniest moments we remember from Parks and Rec.