Five Interesting Psychology Channels From Youtube

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Youtube isn't just a place for prank videos and recipes -- it's also very beneficial for educational purposes. Psychology is a common video topic on Youtube. Here are five Psychology channels you may ennjoy

1. Dr. Ramani

Dr. Ramani is a great source for all things related to Narcissism. Her channel is a psychological archive for anyone needing to learn about personality disorder, particularly Narcissism. Very professional, relatable.

2. Psych2Go

Psych2Go is a great channel for beginners looking for basic understandings of psychology, OR, those in need of comfort and community. Psych2Go is a very warm, caring psychological topic channel. They always remind their fans that it's okay to seek help if need be.

3. Pursuit Of Wonder

Bordering between Psychoanalysis and Philosophy, Pursuit Of Wonder is a great channel for self exploration, as well as analyses on the external.

Highly recommend this channel for anyone, but specifically those going through an "interim" period in their life.

4. Einzelgänger

Somewhat similar to Pursuit Of Wonder, Einzelgänger is a Youtube channel that's great for getting deeper meaning, perspective on life and ideas about life.

5. School of Life

School of Life definitely takes a more blunt approach with their perspectives.

Although love is a common theme within their video collections, there are also videos that cover topics such as friendships, childhood, career, self esteem, etc. Definitely recommend, even if you do not agree with every idea (which is normal).

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