Five Times Broad City Was LMAO Hilarious

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Broad City is an American television sitcom created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. It was developed from their independent web series of the same name, which was produced between 2009 and 2011. The sitcom, like the web series, is based on Glazer and Jacobson's real-life friendship, and their attempt to "make it" in New York. Here are Five hilarious moments from the show.

1. Mushrooms

In this episode, Abbi and Ilana decide to isolate themselves in their apartment, and take mushrooms for (presumably) the first time.

What happens is definitely not what was supposed to go down. Abbi receives a call from her boss that she needs some assistance for her party. With no backbone to decline, Abbi, with Ilana in tow head across NYC on mushrooms to complete the task.

2. Abbi At Wholefoods

In this episode. Abbi goes to Ilana's boyfriend (the dentist) to have a wisdom tooth removed. All seems well, until the two arrive back at Ilana's apartment, who decided to give Abbi a cannabis milkshake, along with her pain pills.

While being neglectful, Ilana leaves Abbi alone in the livingroom, free to roam the streets of Brooklyn.

3. Kelly Rippa's House

By stroke of complete luck (and a few accidental coat swaps), Abbi ends up meeting Kelly Rippa, and being invited into her luxurious Manhattan home. Abbi, starstruck agrees to take her shoes off, and put on a pair of ShapeUps (Kelly's preferred brand).

What ends up happening is definitely not a night of innocent fun, leaving Abbi to wonder why she idolized this woman so much.

4. Improv

When Ilana meets an extremely attractive man, she's immediately taken. He tells her that he's a performer, and he'll be up on stage in a few days.

Excited, Ilana assumes that he's a musician in a band. What she realizes is that he's actually an improv performer. His performance ends up being so completely awful that she ends up having a hard time being intimate with him.

5. Abbi's Mommy

When Abbi's mom comes to visit, Abbi is hard pressed to impress her. After a few deep, and heartfelt discussion, Abbi decides to take her mom out on the town to Ilana's restaurant.

While in the parking lot, Abbi persuades her mom to try smoking some cannabis. Combined with the saki drinks they enjoyed, the night ended up becoming one of the most memorable ones in Broad City history.

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