Five Times Amy Poehler Made Us LOL

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Any Poehler is an American actress, comedian, filmmaker, director and writer. Her resume is quite long, with not just on screen credits, but many behind the scenes work as well. Let's check out five times this funny lady made us LAUGH!

1. There's A Fire At Ramsett Park

In this scene, Ron rushes in to tell Leslie some REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS.

But...before he could get an initial word out, Leslie (Amy Poehler) breaks out into her song and dance, and well...

2. Leslie Has The Flu

Leslie unfortunately catches the flu, which prevents her from making it to an important meeting.

Ben tries to keep Leslie resting back at the office as much as possible, but she rarely listens, leading to this hilariously acted scene.

3. Baby Mama: Something Wrong With Your Toilet

4. Arrested Development

In Arrested Development, the Fox tv series, Amy Poehler plays an unnamed character, or, rather a character whose name no one, even the cast can remember.

Her character was absolutely comedic in that she played a navy seal who sold seals to seaworld, who also happened to possibly have a pituitary gland disorder due to taking Teamosil, in the 1990s.

5. Leslie's Hoarding

No one: Not even Ann, Leslie's best friend, suspected her of being a hoarder.

But, one innocent step into Leslie's home and it was a wrap! Time to fix Leslie's house!

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