Five Times "Ozark" Almost Made Us Faint

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"Ozark" is an American Netflix TV Series starring Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner. The show, which revolves around the world of drugs and money laundering is known for its extremely graphic, and blunt scenes. Here are five moments of Ozark that almost made us faint! WARNING: View discretion is STRONGLY advised!

1. Del Kills Everyone

This scene, which appears in the first (pilot) episode of the show, brings us swiftly into what the show is truly about.

Del, A cartel boss (not THE cartel boss), decides one night that it's time to clean house after finding out that a few of his workers at the investment firm have been stealing money from his. His action is swift, and brutal.

2. The Death Of Jacob Snell

The brilliance of this scene, is that the audience's focused is captivated on one aspect, while the writers already know that things are going in another direction.

In what we thought would be the death of Darlene Snell, this scene shows how Darlene outsmarted her husband, poisoned him earlier in the morning while he had been preparing her death. It was heartbreaking.

3. The Dock Scene

In what could be described as one of the most painful deaths of the show, Russ Langmore and his brother are brutally killed by electrocution.

Trying not to give too many spoilers away, but this was purely an act of betrayal and revenge by a family member.

4. Helen Pierce's Death

Describing this scene is almost impossible. Just know, that the woman in this scene was, unfortunately, two timing the cartel.

VIEWER discretion is STRONGLY advised.

5. Wyatt Dies, Darlene Dies

The End.

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