Five Funny Kitboga Moments

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Kitboga is an America media personality. He rose to fame sometime in the late 2010's with his Twitch stream, where he jokingly leads on telephone scammers. The popular YouTube channel he runs has over 2 million subscribers. Full of gut wrenching hilarity, here are five funny Kitboga moments.

1. Microwave

In this video, telephone scammers try to scam the elderly old woman character that Kitboga plays.

Unfortunately for them, her home is full of microwaves that interfere with the scam, leaving the scammers angry, but for our laughter!

2. Popcorn

Kitboga ruins this scammer's plans, because she's too busy popping popcorn for the festival!

3. Uber Drive Steals The Money

4. Police Scam

5. Giving Them Empty GiftCards!

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