Five Hilarious Moments From “Da Ali G Show”

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“Da Ali G Show” was a British comedy starring Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen played multiple characters, from Bruno, to Borat. Today we are going down memory lane and revisiting 5 funny moments from the 2000's comedy show.

1. Religion

In this scene, Ali G attempts to get various religious leaders together to discuss their theologies.

Things go a bit left when Ali G offends a few, specifically, a Catholic priest!

2. Bruno: Pro-Wrestling on the beach

Somehow, Bruno convinced several college aged men to practice wrestle on live tv.

By the end, it gets REALLY awkward when Bruno reveals who he works for!

3. Vet Vs. Veterinarian

Ali G visits a veterinarian, who also happened to serve in the army, making him a veteran.

These two things are quite difficult for Ali G to wrap his head around, making it a painfully awkward scene.

4. Terrorism

Ali G trying to give his view points on how terrorism could be solved.

5. Borat Falling In A Shop, Essentially Ruining Everything

**Technically, this is from the film “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan ”, but it NEEDED to me mentioned!

Borat accidentally ruins a good chunk of this man's shop with his clumsiness!

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